Burger Village has finally arrived in California and it’s pretty epic!

1 Sep, 2019

San Luis Obispo, CA is now known for more than just beautiful landscapes and wonderfully friendly people. Burger Village has recently become the Central Coast of California’s new “go-to spot” for amazing burgers as well! We’d like to be modest here and say that we’re surprised over how popular our restaurants have become throughout the United States, but with customers like ours, how can we be? When we opened our first location in Great Neck, NY back in 2013, our customers loved us so much that we had to open up another location in Brooklyn the following year. After that? It just became a matter of time before we expanded to 6 locations (and counting).

With our newest location here in San Luis Obispo, CA, we are slowly but surely growing our brand and giving our customers more of the great food they’ve come to expect from us. Our customers love our food because they know what they’re eating is REALLY GOOD and made with REAL & CLEAN INGREDIENTS.

Everything we make is:

  • Organic & All Natural
  • Antibiotics & Hormones Free
  • rBGH Free (Growth Hormone)
  • Pesticides Free
  • GMOs Free (Genetic Modification)
  • Sustainable
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Healthful & Nutritious
  • Herbicide Free
  • Preservatives Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Peanut-Free
  • Humanely & Pasture Raised Livestock
  • Supports Our Local Farmers & Their Families

Eat Organic & Be Healthier

Burger Village serves organic & all-natural hormone-free food in the form of the best-tasting burgers, fresh hand-cut fries, salads, soups, shakes, and beverages you’ll ever find. Our belief is that choosing organic options is a more sustainable and healthy way to live. Not only do organic choices benefit our customers, but they are also very helpful to the environment. The products we use do not come from factories. They come from local farms and dairies that are mostly family-owned or operated. The livestock & produce we use come from well-nourished and cared for animals. Every product we get from those animals is also obtained in a natural and humane way as well. These animals are pasture-raised and cage-free rather than raised in confined spaces. The resulting product from all of that is a more delectable, nutritious, and ecological product that helps to promote & support our farmer families.

We also pride ourselves on having gluten-free options and being a peanut-free establishment that is inclusive to all of our customers. Burger Village is a healthier alternative to most similar restaurants because we care more about our customers and the quality of the food that we sell those customers.

Are You Ready To Taste The Burger Village Difference?

Our California location is NOW OPEN and ready to serve you. Come check us out when you’re in the area, we can’t wait to see you. We are located at 698 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. You can also give us a call at (805) 439-1663.

Eat Organic Live Helathy!

We strive to serve organic, all natural, antibiotic and hormone free products in the form of juicy burgers, fresh hand cut fries, salads, soups, shakes and other beverages along with delicious desserts.

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Burger Village Specialities


Farm to Fork

Salads from Burger Village are an amazing tasting, healthy option for lunch or dinner.


Signature Burgers

There is nothing like a Specialty Burger from Burger Village with our signature toppings.


Fresh Organic Shakes

We use the freshest, organic ingredients to make the most delicious shakes imaginable.