Burger Village Has Two Awesome New Locations in New York!

6 Sep, 2019

Burger Village has been a New York favourite over 6 years now (and counting). When we opened our first location in Great Neck, NY back in 2013, our customers loved us so much that we had to open up another location in Brooklyn the following year. After that? It just became a matter of time before we expanded to the 6 locations we now have today. Our two newest locations in Farmingdale, New York & Brooklyn, New York are quickly becoming local favourites, and we couldn’t be more excited. Not only do we love seeing our customers happy, but we also love to see that our customers support our vision and believe in what we do as well.

Our founders have over 15 years of experience working within the food industry in all facets including restaurant management. Burger Village was started as the dream concept of four brothers from Long Island (Sam, Nick, Vick, and Ravi). These brothers have owned their own QSRs & full-service restaurants in the past. Due to their expansive individual experiences however, each of them has made their own unique contributions to Burger Village. This includes everything from operations, cooking skills, recipes, management, marketing, and providing customers with the absolute best possible dining experience.

Organic Growth Is The Best Kind Of Growth.

We are slowly but surely continuing to grow our brand and provide our customers with more of the great food they’ve come to expect from us. Our customers love our food because they know what they’re eating is REALLY GOOD and made with REAL & CLEAN INGREDIENTS.

Everything we make is:

  • Organic & All Natural
  • Antibiotics & Hormones Free
  • rBGH Free (Growth Hormone)
  • Pesticides Free
  • GMOs Free (Genetic Modification)
  • Sustainable
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Healthful & Nutritious
  • Herbicide Free
  • Preservatives Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Peanut-Free
  • Humanely & Pasture Raised Livestock
  • Supports Our Local Farmers & Their Families

Organic Is Just The Healthier Choice!

Eating healthier with our own busy lifestyles helped us formulate an idea that later became known as the Burger Village our customers know and love today. Our vision was clear, and we wanted to create a restaurant concept where everyone could eat healthy & organic meals in a full-service environment that never compromises quality customer service. We believe our food is better because the livestock and produce that we use comes from local farmers who properly care for their animals. We take pride in the fact that every animal product we use is obtained in a natural & humane way. This ultimately results in our customers enjoying food that is much more delectable, nutritious, and ecological than most other restaurants. This practice also helps to promote & support our farmer families who are ultimately the backbone behind our success.

We also pride ourselves on having gluten-free options and being a peanut-free establishment that is inclusive to all of our customers. Burger Village is a healthier alternative to most similar restaurants because we care more about our customers and the quality of the food that we sell those customers.

Are You Ready To Experience The Burger Village Difference?

Our two newest New York locations in Farmingdale, New York & Brooklyn, New York are NOW OPEN and ready to serve you. Come check us out when you’re in the area, we can’t wait to see you. You can visit our Farmingdale Location at 901 Broadhollow Rd Farmingdale, NY 11735 or our Brooklyn Location at 222 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

Eat Organic Live Helathy!

We strive to serve organic, all natural, antibiotic and hormone free products in the form of juicy burgers, fresh hand cut fries, salads, soups, shakes and other beverages along with delicious desserts.

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Burger Village Specialities


Farm to Fork

Salads from Burger Village are an amazing tasting, healthy option for lunch or dinner.


Signature Burgers

There is nothing like a Specialty Burger from Burger Village with our signature toppings.


Fresh Organic Shakes

We use the freshest, organic ingredients to make the most delicious shakes imaginable.