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29 Oct, 2019

Are you tired of trying to figure out where to eat? Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling and browsing places online to find a place that meets some of your friend's or families' dietary needs? Maybe you’re just in the mood for something classics like a burger and some fries, but maybe with a new twist to it? Look no further than for your next dining venture, then Burger Village.

Burger Village has multiple locations, New York, California and soon to be Canada. A staple in New York, Burger Village has been proudly serving in their multiple locations for years. Our mission has been to always serve our guests with organic all-natural, antibiotic and hormone-free products in the form of a mouthwatering burger, and delicious hand-cut fries.

We have a menu full of a wide variety of exotic, classic, and vast options that are sure to satisfy every person in your dining group cravings, and their different dietary needs. Try one of our delicious veggie burgers, or if you’re looking to broaden your food horizons might we recommend our ostrich burger?

Burger Village takes immense pride in knowing that every item we serve like our meat is free of hormones, and is 100% organic. We took the time curating a menu that could accommodate anyone that walked into our establishment looking for a delicious meal. We are proud to share that we are a peanut-free establishment, and many of our burgers and sides are also gluten-free, we have a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options too.

We work to be not only organic but eco-friendly too, we serve all our food on eco-friendly and biodegradable products, as well as making sure that our establishments are constructed with repurposed wood and the same biodegradable materials. Not only are we a healthier alternative to similar restaurants, but we aim to make sure that we only leave a positive impact on the neighborhoods that our establishments are located in.

Burger Village continues to expand, and we keep looking for ways to spread the word about how people can reap the benefits from dining on organic food. Our goal is to do so through each of our customers and our delicious burgers of course. We are always looking to expand the Burger Village family, and if you are looking to be apart of our family we ask that you check out our franchising opportunities website here at

Eat Organic Live Helathy!

We strive to serve organic, all natural, antibiotic and hormone free products in the form of juicy burgers, fresh hand cut fries, salads, soups, shakes and other beverages along with delicious desserts.

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Burger Village Specialities


Farm to Fork

Salads from Burger Village are an amazing tasting, healthy option for lunch or dinner.


Signature Burgers

There is nothing like a Specialty Burger from Burger Village with our signature toppings.


Fresh Organic Shakes

We use the freshest, organic ingredients to make the most delicious shakes imaginable.