Cash req’d, Net Worth and Total investment Also do you want people with restaurant exp or not?

Minimum Financial Qualifications

  • Single Unit Franchise:

    $150K liquid capital

    $750K net worth

  • Multi Unit Franchise (Min 3 units):

    $250K liquid capital

    $1M total net worth

No Prior experience needed.


Eat Organic Live Helathy!

We strive to serve organic, all natural, antibiotic and hormone free products in the form of juicy burgers, fresh hand cut fries, salads, soups, shakes and other beverages along with delicious desserts.

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Burger Village Specialities


Farm to Fork

Salads from Burger Village are an amazing tasting, healthy option for lunch or dinner.


Signature Burgers

There is nothing like a Specialty Burger from Burger Village with our signature toppings.


Fresh Organic Shakes

We use the freshest, organic ingredients to make the most delicious shakes imaginable.